SOV 2016 - 4x4 Tactical Vehicle for Special Operations


SOV is TEKNE's proposal for a Light Strike Vehicle, thought to be used for Special Operations and crucial in roles when other platforms like armoured and heavier vehicles cannot compete.
In confront to other military vehicles it proves in fact higher manoeuvrability and speed, and it is perfect for rugged and extreme off-road terrain; providing agile mobility to meet Light Strike and other needs, SOV takes advantage of its small size to move stealthily and grants levels of coverage and safety that military operations require.

It is equipped with a six-cylinder turbo diesel engine and state-of-the-art suspension, providing up to 325 Hp @2900rpm.

It brings a crew of up to 10 people, 2 seating in front and 6 or 8 seats on the rear, depending on the configuration requested.

Total payload is approximatively 1700kg, thus giving space to weapons, systems and equipments that will provide situational awareness and lethality if needed.

Its design enables easy customisation, not only in number of seats, to suit a variety of missions, including attack, reconnaissance and combat support roles.

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Cummins, 6.7L I6 Turbo Diesel
In-line 6-cylinder design
OHV, 24 valves, solid lifters
Max power 325 Hp @ 2900 rpm
Max torque 750 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm
Heavy duty engine cooling
Fuel Tank
197L (52 gal)
Aisin AS69RC HD, Automatic 6 speed
Transmission oil cooler
Transfer case
Manual shift-on-the-fly transfer case (2 speed)
Rear axle
Antispin differential rear axle
front: 360 x 39.1 mm Disc, hydraulic assisted, ABS
rear: 358 x 34 mm Disc, hydraulic assisted, ABS
Suspensions, front
"3-link" front suspensions, with front stabilizer bar, twin-tube shock absorbers and
solid axle
Suspensions, rear
leaf springs rear suspension with solid axle
275/80R20 MPT
Continental MPT 81
O.D. 37.40" (950 mm)
Tread width 10.43" (265 mm)
Load index 134 (2120 Kg)
Speed index K (110 Kmh)
Power-assisted recirculating ball
Electrical System
180A alternator
730A batteries, maintenance free
robust structure (roll-bar) made of steel tubes
the front cell and the rear are independent and connected with the chassis by 4 silent blocks for every cell
2x heavy walkable sideboards
Configuration A: 2 seats in front + 8 seats on the rear.
Configuration B: 2 seats in front + 6 seats on the rear.
Ergonomic seats (synthetic leather), with 4 points seat belts
toolboxes with key lock (flowered stainless steel structure)
Water tank
70L drinkable water
Total 120L (6 x 20L)
Total length
6335 mm
3645 mm
Front overhang
Rear overhang
Total width
Tread width - tires
1668 mm
Tare, curb weight
Configuration A: 4680 kg (without fuel and driver)
1° axle: 2440 Kg
2° axle: 2240 Kg
GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight)
6364 Kg (14000 lb)
approx 1.700 Kg
Max Speed
approx 65 Kmh in low range
approx 150 Kmh in high range
tires rated speed 110 Kmh