When the emergency calls we make you ready to go

Esperti nell'ideazione, nella progettazione e nella realizzazione di allestimenti speciali, abbiamo realizzato numerosi veicoli per il settore firefighting, rispondendo alle esigenze di vari nuclei operativi.

Abbiamo infatti realizzato veicoli per il nucleo antincendio, sommozzatori, cinofili e squadre operative in emergenza.

Here are some of our works, both for the Italian National Fire Brigade and for foreign firefighters' bodies.

Fire Rescue

vetrina antincendio
Fire extinguishing vehicles, made both on frames of the major manufacturers and on GRAELION chassis, for a 100% Tekne solution.

Aquatic Rescue

vetrina sommozzatori
Vehicles for the aquatic rescue cores equipped with structures for housing equipment and diving equipment.

Dog Unit

vetrina cinofili
Vehicles for dog units, with rear compartments equipped with cages for transporting dogs, to ensure the comfort of the animal while maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the vehicle.

Command and Control

vetrina ucl
AF / UCL - AutoFurgone Unità Crisi Locale (Local Crisis Unit): the command and control mobile post that proves its best in emergency management, equipped with TLC systems and mobile office workstations.


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