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Autonomy, easy of deployment, resistance to harsh wheather conditions and, most of all, safety ensured by both armoured structure and on board alarm and protection systems. All these characteristics turn it into the perfect GuardHouse.

Referring to ISO668 norm, it can be carried on railroad, ship and trucks as for ISO1496-1 norm.

Maybe the safest place you've ever worked in


The body is a steel container of the 1C dimensional series, foreseen by the ISO 668 standard, suitably armoured to comply with the NATO standard
STANAG 2280 12/08 CLASSE A2 C1 D2.
The walls and the ceiling are covered with ballistic steel protection class FB7.
Bullet-proof and anti-splinter glasses (protection class BR7) are mounted on the five windows, two on each long side and one on the short side opposite the door. The single access door on the short wall of the shelter, 90° rotating, is made of steel, with a level of ballistic safety and resistance to explosions
equal to that of the walls.
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