Road Recovery Vehicles

made by Tekne

Some examples from the past

In the photos, the realizations concern IVECO and ASTRA HD9 installations as vehicles for the recovery of damaged heavy vehicles, by means of a suitably equipped arm.
The vehicles are towed with axle lifted by a fork device.

There are rear stabilizers to ensure stability in the recovery phases, 20-ton capacity winches, individually illuminated tool-holder side compartments.


Power Rescue

 DSC5706 web

Our wrecker is equipped with a crane boom with 2 hydraulic extensions with hydraulic lifting, 2 rear and 2 front hydraulic outriggers, one 20ton pull winch and one 20ton lift winch.
From the turret, the operator acts on a TEKNE designed Manouver Station to move the crane, winches, outriggers and work lights.

25 Wreckers delivered to Bangladesh for U.N. Missions

​Watch the video about the latest delivery of 25 wreckers destined to Bangladesh for U.N. missions.

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