Pipe Carrier Trucks

Vehicles for long loads transportation

PipeCarrier 11
Tekne designs and manufactures Pipe Carrier Trucks built on HEAVY DUTY chassis (IVECO TRAKKER, ASTRA HD9, etc.), for long loads transportation, such as pipes over 12 m long, for handling on public roads, unpaved roads or surfaces paved.

They are available with LHD or RHD steering, with automatic or manual transmission, 4-axle, 8x8 or 5-axle traction, 10x8 traction, and, depending on the specific need, 24R20.5 or 14R20 off-road tires.

In order to leave as much space as possible to the load, the cab is repositioned in an advanced and lowered location, including shift levers, steering wheel and systems.

In order to optimize the distribution variation of the loads on the front axles, reinforcements for the first and second axles are installed.

Cabin protection

On request we create a roll-bar structure to protect the cab, to increase driver safety.  

In the lower part of the cabin a protective shield is installed, visible in the picture.
PipeCarrier 09

Exceptional, without resorting to exceptional load

Support structures for Pipes

PipeCarrier 12

A specifically designed superstructure is created to accommodate the load.

In the first photo, a "pipe holder", including sub-frame, service platform, nr. 4 pipe saddles, protections for the exhaust system and the engine.

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