For extreme works, with ROPS-FOPS approved systems

Thanks to the experience gained in tailor-made vehicles,
Tekne has been able to develop its own range both for civil / industrial and military applications
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From the 30 years experience in distribution and assistance of ASTRA-IVECO vehicles around the world, there is a selection of vehicles targeted at mining or construction applications, with Tekne branded modifications, such as ROPS-FOPS protection systems against overturning and falling boulders, or connected electronic anti-collision systems. Equipped with higher power, they are suitable for environments characterized by high mobility difficulties for material and / or people transportation vehicles.

  • Cargo box, tarpaulin, etc.
  • Concrete mixers and pumps
  • Vehicles for mining (extraction, assistance)
  • Crane trucks
  • Dumper trucks
  • Recovery trucks
  • Container handler trucks
  • Tanker trucks (water, fuel, etc.)
  • Mobile workshop
  • Lube trucks
  • Tractors and semitrailers
  • Others . . .

Download TEKNE for OIL&GAS Sector Depliant

Reference Products

graelion 2018
4x4 Multipurpose Heavy Duty
Extra Heavy Duty

TEKNE Solutions for  Mining/Construction