Defence and Security Vehicles

Streght and resistance in movement

Thanks to the experience gained in tailor-made vehicles, Tekne has been able to develop its own range both for civil / industrial and military applications
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Tekne offers various types of vehicles for applications in critical environments, whether they are intended for threat prevention or resolution. They can be integrated with the product range for electronic warfare and advanced telecommunications branded Tekne.

  • Armoured vehicles
  • Logistic vehicles
  • Tactical vehicles
  • APC vehicles
  • SOV vehicles

Reference Products

shield 2016 button
Armoured Tactical Vehicle 4x4
sov button
Special Operations Vehicle
okrikam button
Lightweight armoured vehicle APC 4x4 7.5t
marsos button
Heavyweight armoured vehicle APC/MRAP 4x4 18t
praetorium button
Armoured Tactical Vehicle 4x4
graelion mil bottone
4x4 Armoured Chassis cabin

Solutions for Defence and Security Market